Marijuana has virtually no toxicity and very little potential for dependence. So go Weed

Legalize marijuana

Sounds good,
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babyliss 5720e, just throwing it out there for you all to enjoy. Alcohol has the same toxicity ratio as Cocaine, and MDMA(Ecstasy). Median Lethal Dose of these is roughly 10 20 times the Median Effective Dose, meaning that if you consume 10 20 times the amount required for 50% of people who use the drug to feel the effect,
babyliss ipro 230 icurl, you will die 50% of the time. Median Effective Dose of Alcohol,
recharge cire babyliss, 33 grams(2 shots of 80 proof Vodka), the Median Lethal Dose is 330 grams(20 shots) Marijuana has virtually no toxicity and very little potential for dependence. So go Weed!

good argument many have proposed but here one of the reasons it won happen. Secondly it is controlled in the sense that it has a measurable, legal and illegal consumption limit. The government makes a lot of money by regulating it and "cracking down" on drunk driving. Millions of surplus revenue dollars are made by arresting,
seche cheveux lissant babyliss 5712e beliss, processing and jailing/fining/punishing offenders. how do you set a legal limit for something that stays in your system longer than alcohol but doesn effect you the entire amount of time it is in your system?

IT not that the governmenat couldn tax or distrubute marijuana, it that they haven found a way to regulate it once they did.

Would you support a law protecting states’ rights to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol?

We all know about the tax rebate to stimulate the economy, right? How do you feel about the IRS sending you a letter stating that your check is almost in the mail at an additional cost of $42 million? 相关的主题文章:

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